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"Building A Man"
Top 25 winner of the 2013 Jerry's Artarama Self Portrait Contest and was the featured cover on the spring 2012 issue of "The Bardian", a publication for Bard College.
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John has always been an artist. Like all children, playing with paints and crayons was great fun… however with John, it was something more. It became a vehicle in which he learned to express himself and all the emotions he held in. From the time he was able to hold a pencil he has been sketching, drawing, and creating worlds of his own to escape into. In creating images to express inner battles and emotional conflict, art became the way that John made sense of a world he so often felt in exile of.

Through his schooling John doodled through lessons and the teachers’ lectures. Working out plans for future masterpieces seemed more important than class. The world going on in John's mind was much more interesting than reality. This is where John discovered he had a gift. He learned that this natural talent was not something everybody could do. John wasn’t into sports, didn’t’ collect baseball cards, or read comic books, the things that all the other boys found interest in. It was art that opened a door for him, with a simple drawing he could make a girl smile or win friends with the boys, and sometimes become the center of attention.. In art John found his niche, and a way to fit in.

As John grew older, he began to develop his gift. He never really enjoyed copying images, drawing nature, or doing typical things. John’s mind filters these things through his imagination and uses common images in strange ways telling a story or expressing a feeling. Things just pop into his mind like visions. John, knowing only how to draw in the earlier years, used this medium to get the ideas out of his head. He had to get them out, obsessive ideas and visions that if not jotted down would haunt his dreams and creep into his every thought. When John first began creating his many designs and concepts, he did not know how to paint, but strangely he knew he was designing paintings. John never learned of perspective, anatomy, composition, color relativity, light or shadows. It all just came natural. It was something he knew. It was a gift.

John always looks at the detail in everything, how shapes interact, the composition of them, what they look like, what they mean, how light hits them, all the colors that are in them and the contrast of light & darkness. John was never taught anything about art; he is just blessed to have the ability to do it.
John, being essentially self-taught, developed his own style. He knew nothing of the many styles of painting (i.e. surrealism, expressionism, realism, or symbolism). John’s style incorporates all of these styles, yet doesn’t embrace one style completely.

He learned from the work of others before him that did similar work & this helped to inspire him and offer him hope that others could understand him &hopefully one day learn from him. John takes all the emotions he feels and uses them to create images of beauty with the outlet that works for him. John’s hope is that through his work others struggling with similar emotions will find hope and comfort. John’s hope is that people see not only the image but also the meaning behind it.
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